This week we recap our daily body-weight training with the Pushup, Lunge and Pullup (PLP) program. If you can stay pain free and choose the appropriate reps and variations, then this can be an awesome addition to your training.

Give it some time and let the reps add up!  You will be certified awesome when you doing double digit pullups, lunges and pushups daily.

Keep in mind to stay out of pain!  Back off if this hurts ANY joints or impacts your normal training schedule.

We also delve into snacking.  Who brings chili dogs into a movie theater, seriously?!  Plus, what kind of snacks help with staying lean and muscular?  Is dairy OK?

Then we jump into low carbohydrate diets.  What are they? How do they work?  How do I implement one and is it appropriate for me?  All these questions answered.

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