how it works

The Strong Kitchen offers a variety of healthy and creative meals and snacks each week that fit your lifestyle, your nutrition goals and your taste-buds. 

1. Choose your meals from our great menu

Order a la carte or choose a meal pack. All of our meals are dairy and wheat free, with Paleo-friendly snacks available too.

2Choose your portion size for each meal

Choose an individual meal size if ordering a la carte. If you choose a meal pack, you will be prompted to enter your meal choices and portion size. Need help choosing?  Use our guide below or email us at

3Select pickup or delivery for the following Monday

Meals are available to order Monday through Wednesday and all meals ordered during this time are delivered or picked up the following Monday.  At checkout you will select delivery to your home ($10 charge) or note which gym location you want to pickup from.




Fat Loss/Anytime - As the name says, this meal size is perfect for Fat Loss Goals, or healthy at Anytime of the day.  In these meals, protein is kept high, carbohydrates are moderate and vegetables are abundant!

Performance - This portion size is great for those really active or larger individuals looking to maintain weight while looking and performing their best!  Protein is high and there is a moderate balance of carbohydrates and vegetables.

Muscle Gain - The name says it all!  This portion size is for those looking to really increase their lean muscle mass and strength and for athletes involved in high levels of exercise and competition.  Calories and carbohydrtaes are highest in this meal to maximize recovery and muscle growth.


-Most of our clients pick up at one of our gym drop-off locations.  Please note at checkout which location you will be picking up from. These currently include Tuff Girl Fitness, Ranfone Training Systems, Elm City Crossfit and Hurst Strength. Meals are available to pickup Wednesdays. 

-You can also select Delivery from the menu to bring to your home! Morning delivery is between 8-10am on Mondays; our home delivery is limited to Hamden, Spring Glen and East Rock areas. Please leave a cooler on the front step if you are not home and we will drop it off safely!


New Haven, North Haven, Wallingford and Hamden


New Menus Available for Ordering Monday through Wednesday

Meals Delivered and Picked Up the Monday After Ordering

ex:  Order Wednesday the 5th, receive the meals Monday the 12th.