The Strong Kitchen is all about results.  Our meals are convenient, delicious and portioned with YOUR goals in mind. Calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat are balanced with a focus on performance in the gym, getting lean and gaining muscle.

We center our meals and snacks around Paleo-friendly ingredients.  All of our meals are made wheat and dairy free from whole, unprocessed ingredients.

What is Paleo?

True Paleo adherence is defined by Loren Cordain as a diet without all grains, legumes, dairy, salt-containing foods, natural sweeteners like honey, fatty meat, starchy vegetables and vinegar. (Yikes!)

It also calls for moderation with all nuts, oils, eggs and even food that is grilled or seared. (double yikes!)

If that sounds overly restrictive, that's because it is.  For many people a much more modern and individual-based approach works just as well.  

Paleo pioneers such as Robb Wolf are even promoting an individual approach which allows many to include grass-fed dairy, legumes and grains as long as that individual experiences no ill health effects.


What we believe.

The Strong Kitchen agrees with Robb Wolf and others that many athletes, weekend warriors and those looking for convenient meal options need more than a strict Paleo approach.  Healthy additions like oats, rice and quinoa are not only tasty, but quite healthy too!

We believe that strict nutrition dogma not only limits us in our goals but puts food into "good" and "bad" categories which often leads to fear of certain foods, restrict-reward behavior and an unnecessarily limited diet.

What's Paleo on our menu?

We keep all meals wheat and dairy free. We do include athlete friendly starches like rice and quinoa.

No processed foods, refined oils, sugars or stabiizers.

Some snacks include grass-fed whey, oats, legumes and dairy for individuals who can consume them; this provides more flexibility.