Start: July 14th, 2017

The brand new mobile coach program, brought to you by The Strong Kitchen is different than anything we’ve offered before!

Our Mobile Coach series has been highly successful in educating, empowering and creating sustainable results with our clients; but we want to bring you even MORE.

In our new Custom Nutrition Program, you get a fully customized meal plan created for your specific goals in addition to all the other great material and education from previous programs.




What’s a customized meal plan?

A customized meal plan is a menu of meals created for your specific needs and goals. This includes:

-A detailed menu that tells you what to eat and in what portion

-Multiple daily meal options for you to choose from to offer variety

-Created to suite the specific times you like to eat

-Includes foods you regularly eat so compliance is high and the meals are enjoyable


Education and guides

Not only do you get an awesome, customized meal plan to follow as a guide to get results, our program includes ALL of the following:

-Weekly education series on protein, carbohydrates, fats and vegetables

-Grocery shopping lists

-Build-a-meal guides for your own meal creation

-Portion guides

-Smart snacking guides

-Activity guides / how to increase exercise to match fat loss goals


Take the guesswork out of grocery shopping

With our grocery shopping guides, build a meal guides and smart snacking guides.


Program details

This program is the first time we’ve offered a specific custom meal plan for each amazing client in our program.  We’ve figured out all the calories, meal timing and portions for you - delivered into a simple and easy to follow meal plan. All you need to do is follow it!

And along the way, you learn about food sources, portions, snacking, how to successfully go out to eat and shop on your own.

The program length is 12 weeks and we cannot wait to get incredible results. This is the perfect time to get in summer shape, improve all your health markers, lose fat, gain muscle and do it all in the simplest and most supported way possible. You’ll do all of this with a group of other people working alongside you in a private Facebook group and supporting each other. It's like nothing you've done before!

This is for you if:

-Getting maximum results in 12 weeks is your goal


-Following a specific and planned program is ideal for you


-You want an optimized program that is simple to follow and takes out the guesswork


-You want to be educated and learn about shopping, meal prep, portioning and meal timing




I went into the 12 week nutrition coaching a little nervous-I don’t like the idea of being on a diet or having to restrict myself to only eating certain foods! But it was nothing like I expected-Luke helped me learn to listen to my body-figuring out what types foods fueled me best on workout and rest days, how to avoid afternoon energy crashes, and what a portion size of different foods actually looked like. Luke provided great insight and feedback as I worked through experimenting with different foods (some of which I was scared to try or had sworn I would never eat) and when I struggled with meeting the needs of my sweet tooth in a healthy way. By the end of the program not only had I leaned out, but I felt empowered to make the choices that gave me energy and left me feeling satisfied with my eating!
— Maureen

Time to invest in yourself. Ready to do this? 

12 Weeks of Custom Nutrition Programming - $375

*Must have regular access to email and Facebook.  Resources are sent through email and the entire program, group support and check-ins are done via private Facebook group.