12 Week "Mobile Coach" Nutrition Program

by The Strong Kitchen

Start: April 21st, 2017


In this exciting 12 week program we put an end to the confusion in portion sizes, meal timing, grocery shopping, meal prep and food journaling. You'll receive structured one on one coaching with TONS of resources and tools to create success while learning how to lean out. Learn more below!



What the heck's a mobile coach? Well, it's a coach that you always have access to! You'll receive your own personal nutrition program and portion guide as well as shopping lists, meal prep guides, group discussion and more; accessible anytime. All the coaching tools and knowledge you need to create success. Clear cut guidelines and direction with no guessing and no stressing!


This is for you if:

-You're interested in making a physical change like leaning out and gaining muscle

-You want to be educated and learn about shopping, meal prep, portioning and meal timing

-You've been confused by commercials, ads and articles that promise false results

-You've spent too much time and money on supplements and shakes that don't work and want REAL progress


I did the 12 week program with Luke and am happy I did. I am a mom of two and found that with baby #2, my eating habits were poor, and I needed to find a way to lose the “baby weight” and get back on track. I am not going to lie...I was really nervous when I started but decided to see this 12 week journey through wholeheartedly. Luke was amazing from day one. He teaches about portions and how to classify foods so that you can gradually and progressively make better choices and form better eating habits. During the course of 12 weeks he helps you to tweak you meals to see better results. Did I cheat - Yes! But I was honest when I did - this is an important piece. Actually cheat meals are part of the process as long as you know that with the next meal you are right back on track. There is a mental component to this program. Luke helps you understand your cravings and gives you great tips and recipes to stay on track. He also gives you the tools to learn about different food groups and what they do for your body. This includes grocery lists!! Such a no brainer! I could not be happier with my results. I have learned so much about my relationship with food, i’ve lost several inches and pounds, I train stronger at the gym, and have so much more energy. I have also helped my family to make better eating habits as well. I never felt alone in this process and Luke was always there to help me stay on track. If you are willing to make the commitment and see this program through, you will have great results and learn invaluable lessons about food. I can not recommend this program enough!

You are also going to get awesome, convenient and FUN tools and handouts to make this as successful as possible, like:

  • Grocery shopping lists for specific stores and convenient pre-selected items that match your goals
  • Simple, build-a-meal guides
  • Easy to use meal and snack journals with straightforward portion guides
  • Convenient online check-ins and reporting
  • Group support and discussion to keep you engaged and motivated


It’s literally the most comprehensive and intuitive program I’ve put together yet and am really excited about it. It’s been hours of research, programming and creating guides to bring you the best I have to offer in the most simple and powerful way.
— Luke

This is going to be an awesome 12 weeks!  One week before we start, you will receive an email to the "Mobile Coach" Facebook group and an email with resources and videos to watch.  (A Facebook account is a REQUIREMENT for this group).

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Cost: $350

Program is currently in session!